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Its the year 1897: After the discovery of large amounts of gold, thousands of wannabe gold miners flooded the canadian Klondike region searching for wealth and fortune. On August 13, 1897, a group of prospectors discovered a small valley with unusually large gold deposits. Soon, envy parted the former partners and fights broke out between them about who should be awarded the biggest claim. You are one of them, but are you faster, stronger and smarter than your rivals? Will you beat them by finding the biggest nugget or will you steal your way to the top? The valley is not big enough for all of you!

How to play:

  • Walk with WASD, jump with space
  • Hit rocks with your left mouse button
  • Pick up nuggets with E. You can carry one nugget at a time (The weight of the carried nugget is displayed in the top righ of the screen).
  • Shoot at people with F, this will kill them and they drop their carried nugget (Bottom right shows your ammo)
  • Activate the lorry with E to safely store your nugget. You can only pay with stored gold (Top left of screen), which also act as your score(TAB for scoreboard)
  • Declare a claim with Q (Other players cant mine or pick up nuggets in your claim, look at the top center to see if you are in a claim). This will cost you 4000oz of gold.
  • Activate the ammo crate with E to buy ammunition, one round costs 4000oz of gold
  • You win if you reach the designated score, or if you have the most stored gold once all rocks are destroyed

Any questions? Find me on Twitter: @Draco_Majoris


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